Empowered back-office – the new business driver

A brokerage house’s profitability depends as much on its back office operations as it does on the efficiency of its front-office personnel. Reliable systems that can speedily settle trades, highlight risks and manage day-to-day accounting are a key part of the must-have infrastructure.

SPARC= the Back office management solution from GTL does all this and more. SPARC empowers brokerages to build efficiency into operations. It combines robust technology with industry-standard functionality, becoming a comprehensive back office management solution for retail brokerages.

SPARC addresses the front-to-back office operations and facilitates effective client communication for retail brokerages. A browser-based application with high security, it can be accessed anytime, from anyplace, and offers high speed to process large volumes of data. Its multi-exchange, multi-product abilities integrate a broker’s needs across equities, equity derivatives, commodity derivatives and currency derivatives segments. SPARC can be fully-integrated with a financial accounting system with automated journals and charging mechanisms.

SPARC has an intelligent Management Information System and generates extensive reports in Word, PDF, HTML and Excel formats.


  • Multiple Exchange Support
  • Trust account and Client Mapping facilities
  • Risk management
  • Portfolio summary, daily brokerage details, and so on
  • Business associate report, target and achievement, etc
  • Brokerage setting in different levels – client-wise, scrip-wise, normal and volume-based brokerage slab
  • Order allocation and trade splitting for nominee clients
  • Automated brokerage calculation and trade accounting
  • Trade reconciliation with trade file from authorised systems
  • Daily trades SMS/ e-mail to clients
  • Audit trail
  • Authorisation check for trades
  • Integrated accounting system
  • Customer care portal
  • User-wise access control settings
  • Integration with real-time trading system
  • Centralisation of information for better control
  • Sub-broker/ location, region-wise reports
  • Statutory payout calculation and compliance mail to clients
  • Digital contract note and physical contact notes
  • Canned fund summary report, which includes all consolidated data of funds
  • E-mail transaction confirmation reports and other relevant reports
  • Support for custodian trades