In a fast-paced world, where speed and accuracy of financial actions are paramount, investors and traders need flexible, reliable solutions to support trading operations.  At GTL, we understand the tiniest of nuances that underlie trading and bring to you the platform for Financial Investment- FLIP. The Flip suite of trading solutions caters to the needs of every segment -individuals, brokers and institutions in Web, Thick and Mobile versions. Featuring an intuitive and attractive interface and state of the art security features, Flip provides cost-efficient solutions for quick and smart trading on all platforms. GTL understands that no two financial enterprises are exactly alike. As strategies, client profiles, team sizes and work ethos differ from one company to another, so do technology requirements. To meet these varied technology needs, Flip solutions are available in ‘enterprise’ and ‘ultimate’ versions. Designed to deliver unmatched functionality and in uncompromising business environments, they bring in the much-needed efficiency through business processes automation for capital markets.