The smart way to trade online.

Technology has changed the way the financial markets function and the Internet has made anytime, anyplace trading a reality. Investment solutions providers face greater pressure than ever before to offer Internet-based services to clients. GTP provides FLIP Web – a powerful investment portal built to meet such needs.

FLIP Web lets you offer your clients yet another smart channel to place their trades – an investment portal. It is a browser-based application for optimized trading even in low bandwidth and supports multiple financial assets – equity, derivatives, mutual funds, currency derivatives, etc, from a single user interface. Through it, you can tap the power of the Internet to access a new, contemporary and simple way of trading. It interfaces with the FLIP Order Management System for risk management and order routing through multiple stock exchanges. Linked to a powerful market data distribution infrastructure, it provides real-time stock quotes and charts from various exchanges in a single market watch. With Flip Web all that your clients need to trade is a web browser and an internet connection.


  • Data streaming over http tunneling which enables to work behind firewalls and proxies.
  • Real-time customizable market watch
  • Multi-venue, multi-asset class support.
  • Real-time market depth
  • Portfolio report with real-time MTM
  • Real-time charting and order tracking
  • Real-time fund updation
  • Configurable alerting based on various market events
  • Trading calls
  • Optimized market data distribution to work on low bandwidth network
  • Configurable alerts based on market events