E-trading made easy for brokers.

Financial markets are changing the way they work and brokers need to adopt new methods of operations to keep pace with it.

GTL’s FLIP Premium, a new-age trading solution for brokers makes it possible to handle multiple client portfolios simultaneously. FLIP Premium, a thick application, provides dealers and stockbrokers a comprehensive online trading solution with the power of a desktop application.

Incorporating a full-fledged order management system along with a multi-level risk management module and a powerful market data streaming system, Flip Premium provides a scalable and flexible solution which can be configured to manage users’ new business needs.


  • Multi-exchange, multi-instrument trade in equity and derivatives.
  • Quick and accurate decisions using real time client portfolio screens
  • Market By Price (MBP)
  • Customized market watches
  • Order window for multiple exchanges
  • Company and User profiles
  • Security information
  • Cross exchange MBP
  • Batch orders
  • File orders
  • Product conversion
  • Credit request facility
  • Offline orders
  • Multiple exchange/ segments support
  • Conditional alerts and market watches
  • Multiple channel access
  • Real-time portfolio evaluation