Online institutional trading – simple, easy, efficient.

Institutional traders often deal in high-volume orders and need best-in-class technology systems to support complex financial strategies. Tamper-proof transaction privacy, high responsiveness and faster communication with exchanges are essentials, as they dramatically impact trade decisions and outcomes.

GTL offers FLIP Institutional, a financial investment platform over FIX, which provides complete order routing and management infrastructure. It incorporates a multi-level risk management module and a powerful real-time market data streaming system to create a complete ecosystem for online trading.

FLIP Institutional operates on multiple exchanges dealing with multiple instruments simultaneously. It easily integrates new business rules prescribed by exchanges and offers instant communication for rate updations and order pushing. FLIP Institutional works on hybrid networks (VSAT, ISDN, leased line and PRI) and is compatible with multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux and Solaris. It communicates through FIX protocol and can be easily integrated with other applications to protect your existing IT investments.

Supporting both individual and institutional clients, FLIP Institutional lets you punch bulk orders without delay.


  • Fast order routing with brokers and exchange validations
  • Bulk order punching facility
  • Order slicing
  • Direct market access facility
  • One-touch order placing
  • CARE and DMA orders support
  • Institutional Order Book (IOB)
  • Automated time, volume, quantity and price – quantity slicing of orders