Powering the mobile enterprise.

Companies the world over are increasingly revamping their business processes, in order to capitalize on the potential unleashed by the evolution of mobile technologies. Today, for businesses, the concept of mobility has changed from just accessing data on the move to being a game changer for just about anything they do- be it to optimize business processes or to transform customer experiences in ways that was possible never before.

However the challenges introduced by the disruptive technology that is mobility are many and enterprises need to have the right mobile strategy in place to survive in the global market place. At GTL our enterprise mobile offerings are focused on guiding enterprises in their mobile journey.

We combine our years of industry experience with expertise in cutting-edge technologies across the mobile application development landscape to build mobility solutions that can directly improve your customer experience, speed of business and efficiency of your business processes, creating value that directly affects your top line and bottom line.

Our range of mobile applications spanning multiple industries, technologies and use cases continues to delight their customers and are routinely rated high by the industry with excellent rating on multiple app stores.

Some of the highlights of our mobile application development services which ensure the maximum ROI to our customers are:

  • Proven expertise in native and hybrid app development across all major mobile platforms and frameworks.
  • Unmatched domain expertise in capital markets, banking and logistics industries to ensure future proof applications
  • Prebuilt components for focus areas and expertise in server-side technologies optimized for mobile apps to ensure minimum time to market for you applications

Success Stories

  • FLIP ME – the first mobile app in India to place orders at the NSE and BSE
  • Mobile payment authorization app for major European Bank
  • Feature-rich mobile trading app for a major European Trading houses
  • Mobile banking application for a completely digital bank in Europe