The sweep of digitization permeates nearly every aspect of the global banking industry from optimizing business processes to surpassing customer expectations. Banks are under more pressure than ever before to improve transparency in operations, meet regulatory norms and keep pace with changing customer preferences. As technology advances touch multiple aspects of a customer’s life, there’s greater stress on banks to match the trend. Managing these factors while keeping the bottom-line attractive requires strategic thinking as well as an orientation towards the future.

At GTL, We understand the world of banking – business processes, regulations, risk management and evolving digital business models like no other. We help deliver next generation technology solutions for global banking clients which help them differentiate and succeed.

Our banking service offerings are centered on creating successful digital transformation strategies. We help leverage the power of emerging technologies and evolving business trends to to address critical issues in the banking domain, such as customer acquisition, reducing transaction costs, powering efficiency and improving processes.

Some of the areas we could help create the next generation banks are

  • Providing intuitive and powerful digital frontends for mobile and web that integrates with core banking back ends with unrelenting focus on digital security
  • Develop customer portals which deliver customer experience suited for the times.
  • Process automation and applications leveraging AI
  • Innovative reporting solutions that maximize efficiency and accuracy, including internal and financial reports, performance reports, regulatory and compliance reports.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions to enable informed decision taking
  • Enterprise Applications to integrate various operational functions which delivers the right information at the right time
  • Quality Assurance for mission critical software that includes manual and automated testing, including performance testing and security testing.