Agile teams for global delivery to build better applications faster

Today’s digitally powered enterprises are relying on technology more than ever for every aspect of their operations. The rapidly changing business models demands the applications which form their heart to change as well.

This scenario throws open a variety of challenges to both IT and business side and conventional delivery models do not hold good.  Pure agile processes which promise to bring in the desired flexibility often fails for large and complex software development projects due to a lot many reasons.

GTL Distributed Agile delivery model which has evolved over time from our many years of expertise in working with globally distributed business and technology teams ensure cost effective, scalable agile teams to partner your business.

Our realistic agile model combines the spirit of agile as embodied in the agile manifesto with a discipline associated with our CMMI high maturity which makes it agnostic to uncertainties typically associated with pure agile. We are among the few companies globally who have followed an agile approach all through in definining our CMMI Level 5 based processes. Right from agile planning to continuous delivery, our service delivery model powered by our industry best practices and leveraging state of the art communication infrastructure ensures a collocated team experience even as you work with our offshore teams. We ensure close interaction with customers all through the project lifecycle and use the latest agile project management tools to provide real time dashboards to customers.

Some of the reasons which make our agile teams the ideal extension of your business are outlined below

  • Well defined disciplined agile process blending pure agile models with CMMI high maturity practices
  • Certified Team of Scrum Masters and Scrum team members who embody the agile values of transparency, integrity, courage to ensure fully committed teams
  • Rich experience in distributed agile projects delivery across geographies and industries
  • Expertise in agile project management and ALM tools to ensure you have all the visibility you wish for, all through the project lifecycle.