Trading on the go

The Client

Geojit Financial Services (GFSL), a prominent Indian financial services organization with international operations.

The Challenge

GFSL, with its great priority on customer service wanted to attract and retain a growing segment of young customers, they wanted to facilitate trading-on-the move and to increase the ease of transactions.They asked GTL to find a solution.

How We Helped

GTL has always believed that businesses need to use technology to stay ahead of competition. We had begun work in 2009 on a mobile version of our FLIP Platform for faster and smarter capital markets transactions. However, regulatory limitations had slowed its progress. In 2010, the regulations changed to permit mobile interfaces to stock exchanges in India. GTL soon launched FLIP Mobile Edition (FLIP ME) for GFSL, which offered unprecedented functionality.

FLIP ME is a single platform to support multiple stock exchanges through multiple mobile operating systems and phones. It supports transactions-on-the-move with an increasing percentage of customers using it on a regular basis. It’s thus a valuable tool for customer service and retention, and gives GFSL, the distinction of being a forward-thinking enterprise, highly adaptive to market trends.

Some of the key features of Flip ME include:

  • Intuitive design, which is flexible and user friendly
  • Ease of transacting through simple phones and not just sophisticated smart phones
  • Grid watch for a new, simple and efficient way of showing market data
  • Intra-day charts to support real-time trading
  • Easy access to call centre with the click of a button – customers don’t need to type their TIN/ PIN information, which increases the solution’s user-friendliness
  • Alerts function to push notifications to the handheld
  • Integration with customer care for better customer engagement
  • Integration with research desk for useful trading ideas and tips
  • Educative videos, access to knowledge forums, etc to increase awareness about trading