Digital Customer Experience

The Client

A digital bank serving customers in Germany and France.

The Challenge

The bank wanted to create a feature-rich mobile banking application to attract and serve young customers. The application’s pre-requisites were new age banking features, ease of use, augmented user experience and compatibility with popular technology platforms.

How We Helped

GTL was selected to build the application based on our previous success stories with the bank. The app was developed in six months and integrated with existing client systems. A well-defined integration interface eased linkages with third-party mobile applications.

GTL’s custom-developed app helped the bank to attract more customers, enable users with faster decision-making capabilities and speed-up transaction capabilities by 30%. Following the immense success of the mobile application, GTL also built an iPad app for the bank to provide their customers highly-structured information for decision making.

The banking app for digital banking offered the following features:

  • Bank accounts and deposits overview
  • Cash transfer (internal and external)
  • Purchase/ sale of financial instruments
  • Detailed portfolio and cash transfer report
  • Secure transactions: Two Factor Secure transactions with TAN (Vasco Token)
  • Real-time quotes pushed on mobile
  • Custom watch list
  • Intraday and historical charts
  • Instrument snapshot with a detailed view of finical instruments
  • Support for all major Android devices starting from OS version 2.2